How to use the Stampin’ Distress Tool



With the Stampin' Distress Tool you can quickly and easily rough up the edges of your card stock for an aged, worn, distressed look for your handmade cards.  With just one picture, you can learn how to use the Stampin' Distress Tool! 


Pull your card stock along one of the eight notches along the blade. 




Each notch will provide the same effect.   The easy-to-grip handle makes the Stampin' Distress Tool easy to hold and use and protect you from the sharp blade.


With eight notches to use along the blade, your Stampin' Distress Tool should last a long time.  This tool is basically the same as the distressing tool included with the now retired Cutter Kit.  So, if you have the Cutter Kit, save your money.  Unless one of the following two is true:  (1) if you have distressed so much card stock that your blade is now dull, or (2) it would be more comfortable for you to hold with the larger grip. 


You cannot duplicate the look provided with the distressing tool by using a bone folder.  You might be able to close using your fingernails, but I recommend you save your manicure and purchase the Stampin' Distress Tool instead.  One manicure is at the very least $10 plus tip.  The Stampin' Distress Tool is only $4.95 and can save many, many manicures. 




If you would like to add a distressed edge to your card stock, order the Stampin' Distress Tool in my online store now!


Please be sure to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you for your papercrafting needs.


Stamping Smiles,



Now you can save your manicure now that you know how to use the Stampin' Distress Tool!



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