Absentee Artisan Advantage Offered Exclusively by Stampin’ Smiles


I am very excited to be able to offer a new service for my In Person and In Your Mailbox artisans!  Until now, in the unfortunate event you had to miss a class, the registration policy states you are welcome to pick up the project supplies packet and color photos of the project(s) would be emailed to you to complete at home.

Or, if you wanted to purchase a Class in Your Mailbox, and did not own all the stamp sets, etc. to complete the class, you passed on the class.

Now you have an option!  If you need to be absent for a class or want to order a Class in Your Mailbox completed for you, you can use the new service offered by Stampin’ Smiles – the Absentee Artisan Advantage.

The Absentee Artisan Advantage works through stamping artisans I have contracted with to complete your class projects for you for a minimum fee of only $10*!  Most classes can be completed by my experienced stampers in an hour for the minimum fee.

On the rare occasion a class takes more than one hour to complete, you will be charged in 15 minute increments at a rate of $2.50.

Before using the Absentee Artisan Advantage, you will be provided with an estimate of time and cost required to complete your class.


The registration deadline for In Person only classes will be the same if you wish to order the class using the Absentee Artisan Advantage.

The Absentee Artisan Advantage will be due at the latest when you pick up your completed class project(s) or before a Class in Your Mailbox is mailed.  If you are an In Class artisan and wish to have your completed class mailed to you, you are responsible for any postage and handling costs.

No artisan wishes to miss a class she has already registered for, but now you have a choice!  For any missed classes it is your choice to pick up your project packet or use the new Absentee Artisan Advantage.

With the Absentee Artisan Advantage now available to you, be sure to check out my In Person and In Your Mailbox classes! 

*This is in addition to the registration fee for the class.

Stampin’ Smiles,


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